Chef de Cusine
Born and raised in the Midwest, Chef Daniel Cataldo’s passion for cooking began from the moment his mother let him in the kitchen. From his days of stealing peas from the family garden, the guiding principle behind Chef Cataldo’s dishes has remained simple, yet powerful: food is at its best when it’s organic, local and wild. Now with over 15 years of experience in the kitchen, his deep-rooted beliefs of old-world methods have helped shape his culinary career, beginning with an immense love for scratch cooking and extending to a passion for foraging, baking, fermenting and preservation. He has had the opportunity to work with some of Minnesota’s greatest local chefs, as well as some of the most talented chefs of our time.
Chef Cataldo joined the ninetwentyfive team in November of 2017, quickly stepping into the role of Chef de Cuisine in February 2018. He now collaborates closely with the Director of Food & Beverage Operations, Chef Lenny Russo of the iconic Heartland. This allows the two of them to create and serve dishes inspired by and sourced from the bounty of our local Midwest cuisine.